Rough Cut Riders was formed based upon the reality that the off-roading community does not conform to society standards. This is not a hobby, its part of who we are. Much like a raw mined diamond, we are rough around the edges, a little dirty and not polished and cut to fit the mold. But we are Valuable, Rare, built under pressure in the same mountains that we climb. We are not polished but we are beautiful in our own way. In a way an outsider looking in may never understand. That’s ok!

We are raw and we welcome anyone into our world. We build under pressure instead of break. Our hearts lie in nature, in the mud and mountains. Rough Cut Riders are riders that don’t flinch when a approaching a stranger on the trail. We are family, even if we never learn each other’s name. We stop our ride to help a complete stranger and then invite them to ride with us. No man left behind has true meaning in this world.

Some see the off-road community as beneath them. What they don’t see is, your family doctor is with us in the woods to shake off a bad week. That banker who helped you buy your first house is dancing in the middle of nowhere with us. We are your everyday people, this is where we are allowed to get dirty, cut loose and let go.

We leave it all on the mountain.